Wedding Packages for DC/MD/VA Couples

No need to have a “No Kids” rule! Now everyone can be included in the BIG day. You take care of the wedding. We’ll take care of the kids. We’ve got something to offer all DC/MD/VA couples that are planning a wedding!

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Wedding Packages

Ceremony & Reception

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You are planning one of the most memorable days of your life.

You want to invite as many of your friends and family members as possible but you don’t want your vows to be drowned out by the sound of a temper tantrum.

In the past you only had two choices.

Let the kids come and risk the possibility of a kid-related crisis -or- create a strict no kid policy that may lead to anger and resentment among your guest.

What do you do?

Turn it all over to us. Let Kid Care Anywhere take one thing off your never-ending wedding to-do list and relieve your stress.

Whether it’s for the ceremony, reception, or both, having a solid plan for the kids in attendance is a MUST – especially if there are kids in the wedding party.

Still sticking to your “No Kids” rule? That’s ok. We get it! We still have something for you. We provide near-site services as well. Kid Care Anywhere will arrange for our team to provide care at a location that is near your wedding venue (and still a convenient drop-off/pick-up location for your guests), e.g. at the hotel where many of your guests may be staying. We can even provide in-room care for families with infants or toddlers who will eventually need a “Quiet Room” (from our experience, this is typically needed for the littlest ones after 7pm or so).

We know that a LOT goes into planning a wedding. It is a day full of high expectations (and costs to match). This is one of the reasons why many couples opt to have a “No Kids” rule for their big day. It’s the extreme solution often chosen to insure that the day goes off without a hitch. Before adopting this extreme rule, consider this: you can still have the wedding day of your dreams. There is a happy medium waiting to be discovered. If you’re reading this, you’ve discovered it 😉 No need to exclude when you can include everyone in on the thrill of your big day.

Call a professional with a plan to deal with the kids. We come prepared with everything needed to keep the kids entertained. Plus, the parents will be happy that they can attend an adult event, enjoy adult beverages, and dance to grown-folks music completely guilt-free (and no pressure to rush home early to relieve the babysitter).

Our Ceremony & Reception Packages are your solid plan for handling kids at your wedding!

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Rehearsal Dinner

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It’s your last dinner as a single lady (or gent) and also your last chance to nail down every single detail of the day to follow. You don’t want something like babysitter woes to get in the way of every member of the wedding party being able to attend this important event. If your rehearsal dinner venue has the space for a semi-private Kids Table or completely separate Kids Room, then you’re in luck and should take advantage! No separate room or space available? No worries. We also provide near-site event child care services at a nearby venue that is equally suitable to make it convenient for your guests to do drop-offs/pick-ups and still fully participate in all rehearsal activities.

Your rehearsal dinner can be parent-friendly too! Ask us how.

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Hotel Care for Group Bookings

For the convenience and delight of your traveling guests, consider offering our services at the hotel where your group will be staying. For the littlest ones (under 5 years old), we can provide in-room bedtime services after 7pm. For the older ones, we will set up in a small meeting room to provide our signature event child care services with plenty of space for all the games and activities we bring.

Our group child care is a great add-on amenity for your group hotel booking.

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The Perks

Great Staff

Our team is made up of teachers, day care providers, nannies and other similar professionals. In other words, we are extremely qualified when it comes to giving kids what they want and need.

  • CPR & First Aid Certified
  • Background-Checked
  • Professional, Caring, and Fun Provider Team
  • Guaranteed 2-Person (minimum) Staff for Your Event
  • Insured for Commercial Venues

Great Stuff

We bring great games and activities for the little ones in every age group – from 6 months up to 12 years old. Below is some of the things we may bring to your event.

  • Classic Card & Board Games
  • Interactive Group Games
  • Arts & Craft Projects
  • Bingo
  • Kids Karaoke

Exceptional Extras

Thanks to our Preferred Add-Ons Partners, we can bring some extras to make things even more engaging for the kids. Ask us about any of the following extras when booking any package with us!

  • Face Painting
  • Balloon Artist
  • Kid-Friendly DJ
  • Live Music
  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Moonbounce
  • Arcade-Style Games
  • Photo Booth

All Wedding Child Care Packages Start at $150/hour and include all games, activities, and supplies – PLUS a guaranteed 2-Person (minimum) Professional Event Child Care Team.

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